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Provides strategic and expert advice in social media relations and corporate communications


Life sciences, such as biochemistry, biotechnology, and microbiology, have a lot of potential and opportunities as scientific research is translated into commercial development. With these opportunities also come challenges.

Some of the biggest challenges life science companies face include social media engagement and corporate communications. It is true that these biotech companies have innovative and useful products but the problem is their ability to get their message across to the right audience and clients.

This is where expert life science advisors come in. And when it comes to sophisticated communication and customer engagement, The Lifesci Advisor has customized marketing solutions which utilize a myriad of digital and social media tools.

Bio Science in Social Media


For life science advisors to become effective, they should not just have the skills but also an inside knowledge of the industry. This is made possible by hiring people who have a deep knowledge and extensive experience of the life sciences, specifically biotechnology, biochemistry, and microbiology.

The majority of people working as consultants at The Lifesci Advisor has at least 10 years of experience in life sciences.

Bio Science in Social Media

The Lifesci Advisor is know the business inside and out – from product development and manufacturing to the science and technology involved in the processes as well as the quality. By bringing science and technology together with quality, they are able to bring unique solutions formulated by seasoned consultants who know exactly what the problems are from the moment they walked into the door.



The Lifesci Advisor also has an extensive experience in the finance side of life sciences. Their team consists of life science advisors with Ph. D.s, giving them a deeper understanding of their clients’ strategy from research and development to the commercial aspect of the business.

They provide life in-depth market analysis as well as buy-side and sell-side analyses. They also help life science companies evaluate the growth of their earnings and other investment criteria in the future. Other areas of expertise the team provides include investment banking, capital markets, institutional sales, and investor and public relations.


Life sciences are complex and a one-size-fits all solution is not advisable. Their years of experience in the life sciences has enabled The LifeSci Advisor to get a deep understanding of its complexities leading them to create a unique but straightforward approach.

The services they offer are categorized in six different parts:

    • Public Relations

– meet up with the influencers to build brand and product awareness

    • Non-Deal Roadshows

– broad exposure to investors in different cities

    • KOL Events R&D Days

– medical meetings and client-specific events

    • Corporate Communications

– mentoring in handling crisis, engaging potential investors, and creating eye-catching content for different platforms

    • Equity Research

– detailed reports as well as event-driven notes distributed on a regular basis

    • Capital Markets Advisory

– guidance on banking and different financial vehicles

Bio Science Company Finance Adviser


The Lifesci Advisor is committed to helping life science companies transform themselves significantly. The process starts by meeting their clients and understand what their needs and goals are. They also evaluate each of their clients business strategies and suggests solutions if the current strategy is not feasible or applicable to bring the company to the next level.

With The Lifesci Advisor, they are not just transforming a business but they are also transforming the culture of the company on a professional and personal level. That means, it is a holistic transformation that opens up more engagements and opportunities.


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