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Biochemistry is a study that focuses on the chemical and biological processes of all living organisms. In other words, they use their knowledge of chemicals and use different kinds of chemical techniques to study cell development and heredity as well as the development and fundamental changes that occur in disease. They also examine how living things acquire energy from food.

Biochemists also investigate the interaction of different drugs to various diseases, the anatomy and evolution of viral diseases as well as the chemical techniques and processes for a more accurate diagnosis and effective therapy to treat these diseases.


Biochemistry has several disciplines under it including bioorganic, bioinorganic, and biophysical chemistry, immunochemistry, molecular biology, and neurochemistry. It also has a lot of practical uses in different industries, such as biotechnology, pharmaceutics, and even agriculture.

Since it deals with different sciences and industries, biochemists have to collaborate with other scientists from other disciplines to learn more about how these biological systems function.

Here is how biochemistry works in some industries and sciences:

Plant Chemistry Conversion


This science utilizes genetic engineering to make or modify different products for a specific purpose. Using techniques in organic chemistry, biotechnological companies create products, such as biodegradable plastics, biofuel, and drought-resistant plants.


Food Science

Biochemists study the chemical makeup of foods, and conduct research to create abundant sources of nutritious yet inexpensive food. They also study different methods how to increase the shelf life of food products.


Consumer Goods

This is a very big industry with different sub categories that include cosmetics, food, cleaning products, and more. Since it is a very diverse industry, the biochemist’s role will also vary.



Biochemists study how plants and pests react and interact with pesticides. They also investigate on the relationship between the activity and structure of compounds, their effect on growth, and evaluate their harmful effects to other living organisms around them.



Biochemists works in various stages of the drug development process. This includes identifying the weak points of a disease, formulating drugs that target specific diseases and creating personalized medicine.


In the past, learning biochemistry was not a popular choice because of the limited opportunities it presented to the person after graduation. However, the introduction of new technologies has created a demand for biochemists making the discipline lucrative.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were 34,100 biochemist jobs in 2014. This number is expected to grow by 8 percent more until 2024, a rate that is considered faster than the average job. In fact, the BLS projected that 2,800 new biochemist jobs will open until 2024

The U.S. News and World Report said that there are several factors which increased the demand for biochemists. One of them is the present aging population’s demands for a more aggressive biomedical research to develop new drugs and treatments that will prolong the life expectancy.

Aside from that, there will be further needed for a biochemist’s expertise in the field of genetic engineering, fuel energy, and environmental science.

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Learning biochemistry does not place you in the same path with other biochemists. As diverse as biochemistry is, so are the future career paths that await each biochemist. Those who earn a bachelor’s and master’s degree in biochemistry could be eligible for entry-level positions only. Therefore, if you want to climb further up the ladder and become part of a prestigious research and development project, you need to pursue a Ph.D. in biochemistry.

Aside from research and development, biochemistry opens up more opportunities outside science. The skills and experiences you have gained can also be applied in marketing, sales, communication roles, finance, and more.

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If you want to explore the opportunities you have as a biochemist, meet with us and let’s discuss where your skills and potentials can take you. We will help you to effectively communicate those skills to potential clients and companies that will need them.


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